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  1. A Florida lover

    Hi, this is my opinion.

    This vacation villa is indeed a pearl. I visited many times Florida and lived in many different vacation villas, but the Florida Golf Vacation Villa is a highlight, outstanding.

  2. Jonathan T. Dunner

    Thank you very much for your comment!

  3. Robert

    A very high-quality home with excellent amenities – Overlooking a nice lake and golf course The quality is as per the pictures and specification and it is a really nice spacious house with lots of modern features and new high-quality furniture. Lovely spacious, well-equipped kitchen The TV and sound system is first class Good access to local supermarkets by car and Malls within 20-30 mins The area is peaceful and feels safe with neighbors nearby. The house has safety features for protection/ Auto-locking door and an owner-managed remotely controlled cameras to monitor the front door opening. Good pool with an option to heat in winter Overall a really nice house, it’s indeed luxurious!

  4. Thomas & Heidi Reiter, Dortmund, Germany

    Luxurious and beautiful

    The Florida Golf Vacation Villa is one of the finest vacation villa we ever lived in. The location is gorgeous, the Eastern sunrise every morning on the terrace, the exciting view over the lake on the Coral Oak Golf Course. The villa itself, luxurious, clean, very nice owners! We will be back, no doubt!

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